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Dreambird was finished some time ago. I ended up with 18 feathers, used about a pound and a quarter of yarn (some 1,300 yards) and wet blocked that puppy out. It took two days to dry completely. It’s huge and heavy and awkwardly stored away. I’ve come up with no good way to fold or roll it up for safekeeping, so put away it looks like a toddler’s attempt at origami. I didn’t bother to measure it because I couldn’t find any meaningful reference points for dimensions. The short row construction makes it a spiral shape, sort of knit on the diagonal. It’s an enigma, in a way. A pretty enigma. But it does a serviceable job of covering the hood of my car, so you can see it’s large.

In the time since finishing it in May, we’ve been having nearly record-breaking high temperatures. This does not best please me. I am a delicate flower and wilt when it gets above 80F. So I’ve been making hats and cowls for distribution to a school district in Wisconsin. It gets cold in Wisconsin. And small projects are just the ticket when your own weather is scorching.


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