I have wanted to knit a Dreambird since it was first published. It’s such a stunner and there are so many beautiful examples, now at 2200+. And I have also wanted to knit something from the Jojoland Rhythm that I just had to buy because it was so achingly gorgeous and unlike anything I had seen before.

A month or more ago, my LYS started a Dreambird KAL, but I was involved with something(s) else and had (1) nothing appropriate in stash and (2) no clue what to choose for a background color.

Last week, I went ahead and jumped in, even though the KAL is nearly finished. I cast on Saturday night and went to the store for the KAL Sunday afternoon, where I picked up a re-written cheat sheet for the pattern, which was originally published in German and has been translated into a number of other languages. I’m not sure if the German original is considered poorly written, or if it’s just the English translation, or if it was requisite that any translations doggedly follow the original pattern. Whatever the reason, it is rambling, verbose and confusing, to say the least. The handwritten cheat sheet I was given is sufficient to knit the shawl, in 8 pages rather than the original twenty-two. If you can get your hands on a cheat sheet from someone, I highly recommend doing so. The pattern isn’t difficult, but as written it is very difficult to follow.

Being of a hermity nature, I think I would be inclined to not continue attending the KAL even if it went beyond this week. I’m just not the chit-chatty type and there was too much ruckus going on for me to knit productively. I know what I’m doing now and am progressing nicely.

Dreambird, week 1

dreambird, one week in


Steam Blocking

Mostly I do wet blocking, but this blog post on steam blocking makes me think I’ll give it a shot (pun intentional here).


DSC_7326I finished all my Slipstream projects with a little steam. From talking to other knitters, I gather that approaching precious wool with a hot iron can be daunting. I’ll try to take away some of the mystery – and fear – by sharing my methods.

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